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Vintage Silver Pendant Filigree

Vintage Silver Pendant Filigree

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The pendant's filigree design features gracefully entwined silver threads, meticulously shaped and intertwined to form enchanting rocaillen flowers. Each delicate petal and curl exudes a sense of natural beauty and femininity, reminiscent of the ornate floral motifs that adorned vintage jewelry.

This Victorian-inspired filigree pendant pays homage to the opulence and romance of the Victorian era. During this period, filigree jewelry flourished, showcasing intricate and delicate designs that captured the imagination. Our Vintage Silver Pendant carries the essence of this beloved era, with its ornate filigree work and intricate details reminiscent of the Victorian aesthetic.

This piece is ready-to-ship, it includes the silver chain. All our vintage pieces are cleaned, polished and carefully treated as they are pre-loved jewellery of the highest quality. 

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