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Amphisbaena Snake Ring with Emeralds and Cubic Zirconias

Amphisbaena Snake Ring with Emeralds and Cubic Zirconias

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Introducing a captivating masterpiece, behold the magnificent Amphisbaena Snake Ring, a captivating blend of myth and beauty. This extraordinary ring, crafted in silver, features the mythical Amphisbaena snake, renowned for its two heads that symbolize duality and balance.

Adorning this mystical serpent are carefully set emeralds and cubic zirconia gemstones, transforming the ring into a resplendent treasure. The radiant emeralds, with their lush green hues, evoke the captivating allure of nature itself, while the dazzling cubic zirconia gems add a touch of brilliance and sparkle. The meticulous setting ensures that each stone captures and reflects light, creating a captivating display of shimmer and shine.

This snake ring is not merely a piece of jewellery, but a work of art that embodies a rich symbolism and mystique. It represents transformation, duality, and the delicate balance between opposing forces. With its striking design and exquisite gemstones, it is a true statement piece that exudes an air of rarity and preciousness.


- Size (mm): 55.5

- Diameter (mm): 17.55

- UK: O 1/2

- US: 7 1/2

- Spain / Italy: 15.5

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