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Candide´s Garden

Vintage Silver Ring with Citrines and Peridots

Vintage Silver Ring with Citrines and Peridots

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The silver band of this ring is a testament to skilled craftsmanship, gracefully embracing your finger with understated sophistication. The Citrines, with their warm and sunny hues reminiscent of golden sunsets, infuse the piece with a joyful and vivacious energy. Complementing them, the Peridots, with their verdant green tones reminiscent of lush meadows, bring a refreshing touch of nature's splendor to your hand.

Observe as the light delicately dances upon each facet of these precious gemstones, revealing their inherent brilliance and depth. This captivating interplay of colors adds a touch of whimsy and allure to your every movement, making this ring an irresistible accessory for any occasion.


- Size (mm): 51

- Diameter (mm): 16.1

- UK: L

- US: 5 1/2

- Spain/ Italy: 10.5

All our vintage pieces are cleaned, polished and carefully treated as they are pre-loved jewellery of the highest quality. 

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